Aflame Creations creates colourful handmade enameled copper jewelry. Enamels are coloured glass powders melted onto copper in a kiln at 1500F. Each colour reacts differently in the kiln, creating subtle variations to every piece.

Megan Archer designs and produces each item by hand. Her collections are inspired by the dense forests, salty ocean waves and ever-changing skies in her hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and by the colours and landscapes of her travels.

After spending her childhood years in the rivers and forests of Nova Scotia, Megan flew overseas to live in London, England. During her 4 years abroad she traveled throughout Europe and Northern Africa, and lived in Lagos, Nigeria for 6 months. Upon returning to Canada, she landed in Montreal to complete her university degree in Cultural Anthropology. She recently returned from 9 weeks in the foothills of the Himalayas, seeing the Dalai Lama, learning Tibetan, and teaching English to Buddhist monks.

Megan has been single-handedly operating Aflame Creations since 2011. Her work can be found every Saturday at the Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market, and in select boutiques across Canada and the US. She holds Juried Status with the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council, and is a Board Member and organizer with the Halifax Crafters Society.

A lover of life-long learning, Megan is a certified yoga instructor, speaks fluent French and is a student of Tibetan, plays classical piano and is learning to play the banjo, and finds that ice-skating gets easier each time.